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GDPR Representation

EU-Representative according to Article 27 GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies from May 25, 2018 as Union Law and obliges all companies outside the EU to designate a representative in the EU, if they process personal data of EU residents and do not maintain an establishment in the EU.

  • As an asset manager, you may process personal data related to investors within the EU
  • You have to designate a representative anywhere within the EU where relevant data subjects reside
  • Supervisory authorities and data subjects have the right to contact you on all issues related to data processing, for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the GDPR
  • Records of processing activities have to be maintained by your non-EU based company

ACOLIN represents your non-EU based company with respect to obligations under the GDPR and will be identified as your representative in privacy notices.

Service Sheet GDPR Representation