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Tied Agency Service

Both your funds and your sales team need to be regulated for distribution. Assuming your funds are licensed for distribution in a selection of EU countries, how can you distribute them in those markets if you do not hold a distribution license?

Through its Liability Umbrella, ACOLIN supports you with the distribution of your funds across the EU. This service is based in Germany, and our regulated status and control processes enables you to omit the authorization procedure needed for your own regulated branch office. Furthermore, our passporting service with authorization of the local supervisory authorities allows the ACOLIN Liability Umbrella to be extended into other EU countries.

With ACOLIN’s Liability Umbrella, you gain the regulated access you need: more rapidly and at very low financial and administrative costs.

Please note that the Liability Umbrella is coupled with our Distribution-Network Management (DNM).

This service is carried out by our ACOLIN Europe office.

Service sheet Tied Agency Service

Tied Agents of ACOLIN Europe