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Online publications on is an electronic publishing platform approved by FINMA, which was established in 2017 by ACOLIN InfoTech AG, a subsidiary of ACOLIN Holding AG. The platform’s purpose is the publication of fund data, legal documents, marketing documents as well as legal notices.

As a fund provider, you can meet your statutory disclosure requirements with regard to the publication of fund and investor information with little effort and at low costs by using

An attractive feature of the platform is that it reaches many customers. Moreover, these customers are forwarded via links to your webpage

This will give your products and brand an even higher visibility.

With the FINMA approval of, the move into the Swiss market has taken place – further European markets such as Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and the United Kingdom will follow.

Here is a summary of what distinguishes

  • Simple: You can communicate paperless with ACOLIN InfoTech AG through your online user area. We only request documents and data that are required either for regulatory purposes or for your sales strategy. (The documents of clients whose legal representative is ACOLIN will be delivered by ACOLIN Fund Services AG.)
  • Efficient: An automated data transfer, which is based on the openfunds standard*, reduces your effort and costs.
  • Quality-controlled: ACOLIN InfoTech rigorously checks the data delivered by you and ensures that the documents are published in the right countries.
  • Apparent to investors: Investors receive complete and high-quality information that they can rely on.
  • Cost-saving and time-saving: ACOLIN InfoTech provides you with an individual package that is tailored to your needs. This enables you to quickly and efficiently manage your regulatory disclosure requirements.
  • International: Through you can comply with your publication requirements not only in Switzerland, but throughout Europe.
  • First-class support: Our data relationship management team supports you quickly and reliably with all questions concerning the delivery and publication of data and documents.

Service sheet to Online publications on

To access fund documentation and other information published on, please click here: