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ACOLIN InfoTech AG launches new publishing platform

The recently founded subsidiary ACOLIN InfoTech AG has now launched the publishing platform With this step ACOLIN’s product range will in the future include the publication of investor information and legal documents.

At the beginning of May, was approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) as a digital platform in accordance with art. 39 CISO. Due to the highest degree of automation, both Swiss and foreign fund providers can meet their statutory public disclosure requirements efficiently and cost-effectively via the platform which is organisationally and operationally independent from ACOLIN Fund Services AG. Before being published, fund master data as well as legal documents, net asset values and publications are checked, processed and constantly reviewed for their lawfulness, using state-of-the-art technology. is available to all fund providers, including those who are not customers of other ACOLIN services. In the coming weeks, the platform will also be extended to other EU countries.

As ACOLIN InfoTech AG, like the other ACOLIN companies, exclusively works on behalf of fund providers, its services neither include the sale of fund documents nor of fund master data. This allows the company to reduce its requests for documents and data to the extent that is effectively stipulated to fulfil the disclosure requirements imposed by the prudential authorities, which substantially reduces their customers’ expenditure.

With this service, ACOLIN is accessing a new market segment and expands its service package for asset managers by the addition of another important building block.



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