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  • “Friends of Funds” discussion forum: Do investors really profit from increasing regulation?

“Friends of Funds” discussion forum: Do investors really profit from increasing regulation?

Regulation, regulation, and more regulation! After financial crises, the common reaction of legislators is to impose yet further new rules. Especially since the last financial crisis, in which the financial system was close to suffering a core meltdown, financial market players have been kept on a forever tighter leash. The regulators’ aim is not only to reduce the systemic vulnerability, but also to protect investors from being unfairly treated.

However, the efforts and costs required to meet these regulatory standards are continually increasing. As a result, investors are facing increasingly expensive products and a shrinking product range, as providers have to restrict themselves to only a few products due to the higher administrative burden. Moreover, the marginal utility of the steadily rising tide of information that asset managers must send out in order to meet transparency requirements should be rather low. This raises the question: Do investors really profit from increasing regulation?

In a discussion forum organized by the “Friends of Funds” knowledge and business network next Tuesday, five well-versed financial markets and legal experts will try to get to the bottom of this question. The event on the topic “Transparency delusion at the customer side – Regulatory and behavioural regulation put under the microscope” will be moderated by Daniel Häfele, CEO of ACOLIN Fund Services AG.


When: Tuesday, May 9, 2017, at 6.30 p.m.

Where: Hotel Glockenhof (MZH), Sihlstrasse 31, 8001 Zurich



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